Rendering error in Media Encoder


I had a issue in Adobe  After Effects & Media Encoder CC.

So I described my solution.



  • Adobe After Effects CC 2018
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018
  • OS : macOS Sierra


I made animation in After Effects. And I did output the composition to DVD in Media Encoder.

Output format is H.264. Renderer is GPU acceleration.


The error is as follows:


- Encoding Time: 00:00:21

04/30/2018 06:01:21 PM : Encoding Failed


Export Error

Error compiling movie.

Render Error

Render returned error.

Writing with exporter: H.264

Writing to file: /Users/xxx/xxx.mp4

Writing file type: H264

Around timecode: 00:00:05:00 - 00:00:05:08

Rendering at offset: 5.005 seconds

Component: H.264 of type Exporter

Selector: 9

Error code: -1609629695

I investigated the solution on web that is following.

  • Encoding method from GPU to CPU
  • Changing format from H.264 to another
  • OS reboot

However, these solution could not solved my error.

I was breaking down the issue,

It was found that an error occurred in the image file (5500 × 3667, JPEG) being used,

When I resized this image (to 1920), the error was resolved.

It seems that it does not occur unconditionally depending on the image size, and the size of 5500 × 3667 psd format file was able to output video without any problem.

For reference, the size of the composition was set to 1920 × 1000 px, resolution full picture quality.

I would be happy if anyone suffering from the same error is helpful.